ANYONE? ANYONE? Bueller? Bueller??

Laura • After many long years I`ve found the love of my life n I`d love to give him a family❤️
Im on cd22. My cycles the last 2 months have been 39 days. My last AF was oct 2-5th. Next AF due 11/10. Not sure when or if I've ovulated . I'm 2 days into my fertile week. I have NO CM! NONE! I am bloated, gassy, having heartburn, HUGE swollen sore breasts as well as nipples, a lil constipated, would sleep all day if I could n I have been hungry all the time (I know this bc only the last week have I been wanting breakfast as soon as I wake up). Can anyone PLEASE give me some insight into why I am feeling this way? Unless AF is coming tomorrow I'm not sure why I am pmsing before my fertile week according to glow...? 
Here is my chart. As of the 16th my bf n I noticed my breasts had "grew" n I have NO CM! NONE! Help!