Afraid of BFN :(

Came off the pill & TTC (#1 for me, #3 for my SO) for 10 months,  AF is pretty regular, 29-32 days cycle with 4-5 day period. I am currently on CD35 & no sign of AF. I've had cramping since before AF due, and a few times I've had a sharp pain in my lower abdomen making me curl up (only for a sec or so). Really naucious at bedtime & cannot get to sleep! Once asleep I can make it all way thru (no toilet breaks). I go to the toilet quite often during the day but only 1-2 times more than usual... My toilet break at 10am this morning has made me post this as my CM was VERY bright white & dry and I've read (a little over obsessively - admitted) that this could be an early sign of pregnancy? My breasts aren't tender, although a little heavy feeling. I've read that perhaps I should wait 1-2 weeks after AF due to test but the wait is killing me!! And I don't want to test & get a BFN :( does anyone have any advise/experience of this? Any reassurance/help appreciated & baby dust to all xx