Scared to tell my best friend in preggo...

Danielle • Mama to an 8 year old and one on the way!
We've been friends on and off for 13 years. 4 years ago I moved closer to her area because of my husbands job (bf at the time) her and I were both just living with our SO. Last year she got engaged and had a quick engagement. She made the decision to have a small wedding, no first dance, no bridal shower, no bridesmaids Etc...I fully supported her 110%. They were married in July last year, a week after, my bf proposed, and the planning began. I had different views of my wedding and have a ridiculously huge family and we had a very large, lavish wedding. For months leading up to the wedding I would notice my friends jealousy coming out, my bridal shower was not even planned by her etc...just little things. By the end I just wanted to get through my wedding without killing my maid of honor and still have a bff after .... And we did. I didn't say a word about the jealousy. Neither did any of the other bridesmaids, or my moms...Etc, but everyone noticed it. 
Now...we're here both, of us said we would start trying ttc on our honeymoons. She left for hers in dec 2013 - was determined to get pregnant (she even had her MOH dress made 2 sizes to big bc she said she would be 9 months pregnant at my wedding). She still isn't pregnant and now 2 days ago I got my Positive pregnancy test after trying since August. Each time she texts me the first thing she asks is, "are you prego yet?" .... I am super excited about this part of mine and my hubbies lives but I am super nervous about how she is going to react. I know if it's negative we shouldn't be friends anyways but what do yall think? I need others thoughts on this please!