Sad. But hopeful.


I've been trying for 7 years, just recently went to meet my OB and did the whole work up, blood work and hsg. My fallopian tubes are open which is great news and my blood work came back normal. She couldn't find anything wrong with me. Just this past weekend my husband and I have made the decision to stop trying.

I've tried the herbs, all sorts of medicine that promises a BFP. We have not looked in invitro yet, that will be our last resort. Instead i have started this weight loss journey on June 16th and lost a total of 20lbs. I am ecstatic! I'm working on a better and healthier me and if I'm ever blessed for a baby then we will embrace it. But as for now, we will no longer stress about having a child.

Baby dust to all of you who are still trying. I guess sometimes you just have to work on yourself before you're blessed with a human being. If you have a caring and understanding husband who supports you 101% then enjoy your alone time, go on vacation, be in each others company. Be content with what you have now and I guess everything will fall into place later.

Good luck ladies! We will eventually become mothers we just have to work a little harder for it, which is okay. We are fighters.