Repost: Half your questions answered

Elizabeth • TTC #2 for almost a year with my amazing hubby! Military wife! USAF.?? Alabama Crimson Tide die hard fan! ? Proud mommy of 7 year old Princess!? Pitbull lover, rescuer & advocate!?
If you want to know when to get pregnant, use OPKs and track your cycles. If you want to know when to test, wait until the first day of your MISSED PERIOD. If you have cramps, sore breasts, vivid dreams, are urinating frequently, feel nauseated, or any other symptom, well, those are all symptoms of 50 different things - We don't know if you're pregnant. Want to know the chances that you're pregnant? It's about 30% if you timed it exactly right, same as all of us. I understand posting if you need a second set of eyes to read an OPK or an HPT. I understand hard questions about PCOS and endometriosis. I do NOT understand why anybody who feels that they are ready to start a family does not know how the reproductive system works. Google it. Here's a quick rundown: Ovary releases egg (egg is viable for approx 24 hours), sperm meets egg. 3-7 days later egg (now called an embryo) implants in uterus. 7-10 days after this, your body produces hcG, which is what pregnancy tests look for in your urine. If your body is making hcG, you get a positive, if not-negative. If you have been trying for more than a year, you need to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. And my #1 pet peeve on here, STOP BASHING WOMEN FOR POSTING BFPs. They struggled too and deserve their moment. Don't be rude and keep your green eyed monster in check.