Pms or pregnant

Ichigo • I have one daughter. I'm also pregnant with my second. Unmarried.
So, because I wasn't tracking my period for the last few months due to the fact I simply was too lazy. So I went and had sex on 2 of my ovulation days. So when I did track my period this month, You can imagine my surprise when I looked and say that I had sex on these daydream. Now I'm one who's had previous pregnancy scares, which is why I started tracking my period in the first place. So I'm not just going to impulsively decide that I'm pregnant. But I have had some hard to ignore symptoms. Like how my boobs hurt when I walk. My boobs are simply never tender. I have a terrible time staying awake. Moreno than usual. I'm always nauseous now. All the time. Even after I eat. I'm always weak and hungry. Yet because of my poor appetite or something...I can't eat much. I'm just so confused with life. Oh and this is my third pee trip today. 4th I think. It's only 11 am. Thoughts?