Please read, I need help.

I'm so confused. I had a feeling a was pregnant tons of signs. A week before my period, I had some really light bleeding for about 4 days, then a week and a half later I bleed lighter again for 2 days. That was just last weekend, no I'm supposed to be ovulating so I took test even though I had no signs of ovulating, usually I know when I'm ovulating becaus of my discharge changing. I took one Tuesday and Wednesday both dark positives. I took it up and it says that if your pregnant you can keep getting positive opk tests. So I'm I pregnant? Because I shouldn't be ovulating a few days after random spotting. I always have normal periods on time and everything this month is messed up. My calendar says I should of ovulated last month on the 24th but temperature spike happened the 27th and I had sex on the 26th. Someone please help and give me your opinion, I'm so confused.