Should I wait on a LEEP?

Ok so I've had abnormal paps since April. A few weeks ago I called the office and the nurse said she'd like to schedule a LEEP for me. It was scheduled for the 21st but I got my period and had to cancel. I'm wondering now if I should wait on it. My husband is the only one working so he's kind of worried about the price. He's worried about my well being too don't get me wrong! We'd also like to start trying for another baby next year. I've heard success stories and scary stories about pregnancy after LEEP so I'm worried I won't be able to conceive. Do you think waiting a couple years to have it done is too long? I'd like to start trying for baby number 2 after May next year. That way my daughter will be at least 2 years old. I'm very confused as to what to do. :/