Unhappy SIL

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My SIL has always hated me but when we told her she was to be an Auntie in June it set her over the edge. Shes deleted me off her social media. As well as my husband. She told my husband awful things like "guess its to late to get out now" and even their parents are upset with her. 
Background - shes 24 in a dead end relationship. My hubs is 21 and we married in June of this year. Im 20 and after two miscarriages we couldn't be happier. Shes the only bio aunt our kids have and honestly i almost cried ( stupid hormones ) when she was pissed off instead of excited. 
Im 7 weeks 1day along which is the farthest ive ever gotten and im really happy. 
Do i ignore her? Even with all the holidays coming up where we are bound to see eachother? Ugh i just dont need her stress right now... Sorry for ranting :( im just at a loss