Hi everyone I need your help in the worst way. I've been married going on five years. And it has not been all peaches and cream. But for the most part it has been good. Here's my problem. I think my husband is bipolar. Or has some type of mental issuse he is dealing with. He flips out at a blink of the eye. One minute he's fine the next hes angry. He's verbally abusive. ..does not call me out my name...but yelling screaming. Also he is very emotionally in a MAJOR way. I can do or say anything right. Example. .I'm in in school right now getting my Associate degree as a medical assistant..he talks down on that because it's not a bachelors. ..he really doesn't want me talking to my family too much..I dont have a relationship with his sisters....I have no one! I can't talk to him about my feelings..that will turn into an argument. .to be 100% honest im scared to even try and talk to him about my feelings. Help me