Anyone else feel judged? RANT!!! >:o


I'm 24 weeks pregnant so they could be just my hormones talking and need to let this rant out!

So lately I feel like everyone has an opinion about what I eat/ what I do/ what I even buy for my baby! I went to visit my parents house today and my mom was home. I told her how my mother in law made me a really good grilled cheese. She's like "what if she put something in it, oh never mind you'd probably eat it too". Um okay? So what are you trying to say? That I eat alot? Well that's my problem.

Then my 'best friend' told me I wasn't eating healthy. WHILE I was eating a salad??

The other day she was mad because I wouldn't buy a travel system. I prefer to buy the car seat and stroller separate. But no she was mad! And she doesn't have any children! So what makes her think she knows more than I do?

I'm just so tired of people judging. Like what makes you or anyone entitled to make an opinion of what I put in my body? I'm so tired of it >:o

Once my son is born and people make comments about my parenting style, I will not tolerate that!

No one has a say in how I raise my son but his father and I.

Sorry if this is long. I'm just really mad at people's comments and I'm sure I'm not the only one!