Is it weird?

My peak ovulation days were yesterday and today, I felt kinda weird last nite not bad but like my period was goin to start. I used the restroom today and I wiped and I had a mountain of thick white discharge, no odor, no burning, but I felt a lil cramp like I said like my period would start later that day.

I get a regular period every month, I dont go by my apps to see when my ovulation is bcuz my period usually starts 2 or 3 days b4 my scheduled peeiod so thos ovulation days would b off n my opinion.

I have read that u girls have cramps durin ur ovulation but do u also have thick white discharge? I dont think thats a sign for ovulation is it? I new to tryin to conceive so im payin a lil more attention to my body and was wonderin wat u girls think.