Having some problems and cant get out my head

I really don't know what say without it sounding like a rant, but anyways. I'm 33 and I been try and wanting to get pregnant but it's not happening. I've been doing this off and on for a few months,but I'm regular. I notice that in the pass year I'm not so regular by 1 day some periods and when I see pregnant women I'm mad.I don't hurt know one I'm just mad all day.its like getting picked on. Then I'm stressed out so bad from my job I start having chest pains ,so now looking for new job and it's not helping fast enough. I want to go on vacation but my job will not let me and they are messing with my pay checks now. Also I can tell that in the pass 2 years I'm negative and some what lazy.trying to get out of that. Plus I have a fear of getting my driver licenses, but I really want it.I forget things I'm partly afraid that if I get the license that when I finally have money to get car I won't forget how to drive the car.I know dumb rite. I need some help.can someone help or am I just ranting??? ????