BFPs in the General TTC forum

Natalie • Team green, March '18 💚 #1 born Dec '15, my warrior boy 🌈
How can we get it across to the Glow community that BFPs are not supposed to be in the TTC forum?  Any ideas?  In their defense, I don't think most users are trying to be malicious here - I believe that most  a) meant to post in another thread b) don't know how/where it's appropriate to post or c) just don't read the rules.  Even so, we have to come up with some way to tackle this rampant problem.  
Please note that this is not a thread for debate - whether you agree/disagree with this rule is not relevant here.  The aim is simply to discuss ways to make Glow a safer, more welcoming place for all users.  Thank you!