Bedroom trouble and feeling so ugly!!!

Hi ladies,  
 I'm currently 22 weeks with my first child, my son. I'm having some bedroom issues in that, for whatever reason I can't seem to get in the mood. And if my husband by chance puts me in the mood, I can't maintain it. I keep thinking about how disgusting I must look from whatever angle he's seeing me from. And the fact that even shaving my legs, it grows right back the next day. And my skin...UGH my skin is so terrible I don't even want to start on that.  
 I guess it just makes me feel so much worse about myself that not only am I looking like a troll, but I can't even please my husband anymore. He has a high sex drive and before getting pregnant, I used to too. It's like every day it only gets harder to look at myself...I can't imagine how my husband must feel being seen with my or trying to make love to me.  
 Please help! Having some obvious self esteem issues here...  
 Thanks in advance