18 weeks- excitedness

Tiffany • Had my first on April 9th 2015.
An amazing thing happened today. I actually started out having a not so great day. Then I came home and a wonderful husband made me a delicious lunch. I was back at work only to get the closest parking spot EVER to the building I work at (which thanks to that I wasn't late walking in the door). It was a calm afternoon, of course 15 minutes before leaving work I experienced my first *kicks/punches/nudges* of this little one in my belly. He did it about 6 times. The first few times I completely didn't realize that is what I was really feeling. So I stuck my hand down there right on the spot of my belly and sure enough he hit back again! Those maternal instincts have spiked and I am in awe. It was quite magical. He is a small one still so it isn't uncomfortable at all. They just feel like little muscle spasms. Pretty neat though. Just thought I would share some happiness with you all. 18 weeks today! Right on the dot.