This month


So near O I made hearts on my Glow calender.. if you know what I mean ;) haha. Anyways a few days afterwards I had these cramps for a few days, very light nothing like AF. I've been having headaches. I had cramps then spotted just a few days ago and the next day I had a strange pressure feeling in my stomach, not cramps.. today I had very light AF like cramps for about ten minutes but then they stopped. ... -Warning TMI- The past few days I've been wet down there when I've woken up and each time I thought it was AF coming a few days early but nothing. This morning I had SUCH nausea. My CP is LOW and hard. Last night I had a dream that this white squid (kinda looked like sperm lol) was chasing me and afterwards I took a HPT and it was positive. (First time I've dreamt of this)

Anyone else in TWW? Having these symptoms? Or have any of you women had these before getting preg? Thanks for reading!