Why the impatience and stress??

Sharon β€’ Married 9 πŸ’˜ Expecting #1 after 4 yrs 🌈
I'm new to Glow and have been reading through the community forums. Me and my husband have been trying to conceive for the last few months and maybe it's just my relaxed nature but I have to ask the majority of people here... why the impatience? Why are people trying to take pregnancy tests DAYS before a missed period and stressing over and questioning a possible line that's so faint you have to invert the camera? Just... wait?! I don't understand. I do get that people are anxious and excited but is a few more days really going to kill you? Just seems like more stress than it's worth when you could just wait for a 100% for sure positive or negative result. Maybe someone could shed some insight?