Crazy situation!!!

Daisy??? • Mother of two?cant wait for number three

This happened about four years ago!!!!

Well I started to live with my sons auntie awhile back because my lights got turned off an basically I didn't have anywhere to go!

I couldn't stay with my son's father cause he wasn't in my child life!!!!

So she told me I can stay with her

The first day I met her boyfriend it seemed his eyes always followed me around the house when I got in the shower when I went to the kitchen I was always fully dressed

One days I noticed him staring at me so I asked him what he was looking at in a joking matter

He replied an said not you?

Now my body was shaped like an 18yr old even tho I was 17


One day we both in the house alone just us my son's aunt had went to work!!

I took my normal shower brushed my teeth an got ready for bed...........

He came to my door an asked if I was busy an needed to talk to me I got out my bed

An walked in the hall way

Where he kissed me an started to touching on me I kept telling him no an to stop this is wrong finally caved In an had sex with him

The next morning she came in from work an kissed him

I felt so guilty cause he gave me oral when we had sex!!!

We had sex a couple times after that

Than I found out she was pregnant I felt even more bad

I finally moved out cause I felt myself falling for him

Months pass an she called me an asked me what was going on between me an her boyfriend I couldn't lie an told her everything little did I know she sat up a camera in the house an caught us???

Crazy right I still have to be around her cause she my son aunt but her an her dude married now.?.?.

And he still ask me to have sex with him an he knows I have a boyfriend with two kids I feel so messed up an my boyfriend knows everything