Ttc after miscarriage

I miscarried last month at 4 weeks. My DH and I got the all clear to try when we were ready. I was immediately. The bleeding lasted from the 18th-26th. Af was due on the 18th anyway so it was really like my period only I had gotten a positive pt a few days before also my cycles only last 5 days so with this I had an additional 3 or 4 days extra. DH and started on the 27th and up until now and I was just wondering what were some of you ladies experiences if you've ever went through something like this and how successful was getting pregnant without any complications. I was so heartbroken even though it was so early. everything happened naturally and completely. I know everyone is different just want a little reassurance and some hope. I've been having pregnancy symptoms kick back in here lately and I hope it's a good sign.   Since I miscarried so early the symptoms I was experiencing then all left right away. I hope it's not all in my head. I feel like a failure.