Annelise • 24. Married. I have a 2 year old and 1 year old sons.
So I'm pregnant with my first an super excited but I have a question for those who have children already. If your friend wasn't able to have children an really wanted children down the road would you help them? I have my best friend I've known since we were 4. He is gay and by the time he is 30 he would like a child. I have no problem carry a baby for him. We could use his sperm so it would be biologically his. Would anyone do something like this for their best friend? Or even a family member? My only problem is I have no idea how my husband would feel if years down the road after we complete our family how he would feel about me doing this. Obviously he would need to be on board before I ever went threw with it but I just wanted some people's opinions even tho the situation wouldn't happen for a good 5or more years.