Any ideas would help...

K • Have 4 kids, and a pup

So I have this app on my phone that allows me to check my bank accounts. I noticed that my SO made a charge at a video store, but didn't bring anything home. I also checked on his locations, and found that yes he did visit a gamers store but also visited a motel for 30 mins after. He didn't get home till 700 when he normally has been getting home by 600. He hasn't said anything about going anywhere other then work and home. I'm confused on how I would bring it up to him in order not to have an argument.

For the last few months he'd been acting VERY distant, but this last three days he's been more "in tuned" until last night. Now he's being distant again. Should I ask him what's going on? Or should I just wait and see if he says anything?

I know Christmas is just around the corner, but he knows I don't like video games...and the children don't play on the system that we have. So I'm sooooo confused....any help will be appreciated...thank you