So please give opinions?

My friend is dating this guy, it's been about 4 years.. So he's been acting very brand new lately. So she just calls me and he has a kick back going on, he knows she doesn't like the girls and the girls don't like her. So she sat in his room waiting for him to take her home, he hadn't checked on her or nun. So she goes for a walk, he comes out and says where u goin, she said for a walk. Mind you its 10 at night he says okay, and goes back in the house. So she's talking to me and then says I'm gonna go get my stuff. I told her walk through the door don't look just see if he even notices you. She does it and he doesn't say anything or notice her. She goes and grabs her stuff and hears some girls saying why is she mad tho & laughing . Walks back out and now is almost at her grandmothers.. Now he still hasn't called or anything... So 6 mins later he calls 2 times and she didn't answer. & that was it... No more calls. I think he's a fucking jerk!!!! What do u all think is going on? He's been acting and treating her wrong!!!!