Need a new bra yet?

Ann Marie • 35, Boston area. I have a 2-year-old son, pregnant with my second, due July 2018
My boobs are getting huge! They've been sore, and I've been complaining that they're growing, but my husband disagreed until now. I just came back from a weeklong business trip (7w6d today), and my husband was shocked. They're popping out of my bra big time.
I started as a 34DDD, so this is getting ridiculous! I usually go for molded styles to keep everything under control, so I don't have anything stretchy to allow for temporary growth.
Are you already needing bigger bras at 7-8 weeks? What's the best option if I don't want to buy a bigger size every 2 months? Maybe TMI, but I also need nipple coverage for work (male-dominated, conservative company).