Still praying that the doctor is wrong


I saw my babies heartbeat at 6 weeks. Went in for another scan at 8 weeks and I was told the baby was measuring 8 weeks but no heartbeat. I have yet to have any signs of a loss even prior to finding out. I keep praying that he is wrong. But most of my reading says that this is not the case. I'm afraid of a d&c and I'm afraid of how long this can take naturally.

When you think of a typical miscarriage I think if blood and cramps. To have no signs only ti be blindsided by an ultrasound is unbearable.

How am I going to find the strength to get through this.

Anyone know of any situaltuon where the doctor was wrong? I'm pulling at straws here.

For anyone who has or is experiencing this I pray for you. Blessings to all.