Adding setting to glow.

I don't know who we would need to talk to about this, I would like glow to add some features to their app. First, offer glow on android. I have an IPhone now but plan on switching back to android by Christmas, this version of glow isn't on android. Arg!...Second adding a food tracker, so I can see what foods aggravate my morning sickness and what time if day my nausea is worse. Lastly, adding an area to log sex while pregnant, I loved the fact that standard glow allowed me to keep track of the days when I got it on! Lol, in the <a href="">nurture</a> app you can't. I think it would help myself at least see if sex is helping my mood while pregnant or if it's reason my morning sickness seems ackward. Any one else think these are good ideas, or do you know of an app with these options for pregnant women?