Paige's journey to Glow

I found my way to Glow after getting my implanon out in June of this year after me and my Hubby whom I have been with going on 8 years now. We just got married in October 2013 and finally decided that we were both ready ttc. I found a app in June just to start recording my cycles b/c I hadn't had a period in almost 4 years. I had two cycles one in June and one in July and was late when the August one was due. Took a hpt after 4 days of no AF and it came out BFP. I was excited, nervous and scared all at the same time. I'm 28 yrs old and still didn't know if I was completely ready to be a Mom. Lol. DH was excited and a lil shocked that it only took 2 months. We decided not to tell a whole lot of people until his Dad's bday the first of Sept. I had to tell a few people at work. I work as a dental assistant and can't be around xrays and nitrous. After a week n 1/2 had passed I went to the bathroom after lunch and found brown discharge and a lot of it. When I wiped it was more of a med-dark pink and I just knew that that wasnt good. I called my Dr and they couldn't get me that day. Told me to go home rest and if I had really bad cramps and going through a pad an hour to go to the hospital. With that short convo. I just knew I was miscarring. DH came home and tried to do what he could to console me. Later that night cramps got worse, they were never really painful just felt like period cramps. Bleeding got heavier and then I passed the baby. I was almost 6 weeks. That next day was the start of the longest week of my life. Every other day was me going to get my blood drawn just so that they could tell me that I wasn't going to keep this pregnancy, which I already knew. After a two week wait I had one more test done telling me that my hcg was now at a zero and that after 1 normal cycle we could start trying again. I've had 3 now and is still waiting for my BFP. Oh and did I mention that 3 girls at my work are now prego (one is with twins). Try dealing with that on a daily basis when you feel like a failure b/c you couldn't get one to stick. I know my time will come just trying to wait patently and hoping Glow can help us get there!!! ? Good luck to the rest of you ttc and God bless!