Feel like I may miscarry

Annelise • Mom of 5
I've been crying almost non stop all day. There's been a lot of stress with my husbands family. He works for his uncle an because they got into an argument today my husband may not have a job. I'm beyond stressed because we were financially set until this whole thing happened. I don't get it like we waited until we got married, got a home, n were financially stable. I thought we did it right. Now I feel we will lose everything. Due to all of this I've been experiencing terrible cramping an it all started when I had an anxiety attack :/ I haven't had one since I got pregnant. I use to have anxiety attacks almost daily for multiple reasons I thought I finally had it under control. I'm not bleeding but I just don't feel right. Maybe it's the stress freaking me out but I think something is wrong with the baby. I'm 17weeks tomorrow. I'm starting to think maybe we are never going to be parents. We miscarried a year ago an I don't know if I can keep myself together if I go threw it again. So many people today have told me I'm a terrible person for bringing a child into our current situation. But until now we were great :/ now I feel like a failure. I told a friend of mine how I felt today an she said maybe this is god taking care of the problem. I never looked at my pregnancy as the problem as we planned this. I guess everyone else sees it as a mistake. Sorry for the rant. :/