Hi ladies, We've now been "trying" for our second baby for about 3 months. I say "Trying" as my OH is just so worn out from work that we haven't been very active. This month we have already been as active as we were each month previous (the last two). Anyway, my app was telling me that my I was Ovulating on the 16th! We didn't have sex then or since. The last time we had sex was the 13th. Different apps are telling me different things. Now if the egg only lasts 12-24 hours is there any point in trying now or for the rest of the month? One app says I'm fertile from 13th until 18th (today). With my first son I had previously been on the pill for 7 years and fell the first month I came off. I'm not too worried, as I said we haven't been very active for a couple who are TTC. I am however getting extremely frustrated and annoyed that we haven't been more active but he's just so tired.