Glow provides postpartum support for new moms

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

There are events in a woman’s life that happen behind firmly closed doors. Many topics that are considered too taboo to be discussed. Be it miscarriage or infertility, menstrual cycles that don’t conform, fertility signs that we are never told about - sometimes it can seem that our reproductive lives are cast in shadows.

One of Glow’s founding goals was to bring these topics to light. And we do this again today, by introducing Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>’s postpartum section for new moms.

The postpartum period – for all its joyous and miraculous nature – is also a little bit scary. New moms can feel isolated. They can feel overwhelmed. And many not only lack support, they are afraid to even voice their need for it.

That is the gap we set out to fill with Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>.

As one of our team members wrote during our brainstorming sessions:

“After I gave birth to my daughter, I cried every single day for weeks. I had this perfect amazing baby and I could not stop crying. That’s what happens. Not to everyone. But to many new mothers. That’s the type of taboo topic we need to address. How can Glow <a href="">Nurture</a> help women like me?”

Women entering their postpartum period need support. They need a community. They need to know that they are not alone and that there are resources that can help them. Glow <a href="">Nurture</a>’s postpartum experience will be the first app of its kind to bring all these resources together in a personalized format:

+ A one-of-a-kind postpartum daily log to keep track of your symptoms and feelings

+ Hundreds of new postpartum tasks and insights

+ More than 200 postpartum articles curated to provide valuable insights and a ray of hope

+Breastfeeding support & best practices

+ Crucial information and resources on postpartum depression and how to identify it

Glow <a href="">Nurture</a> Postpartum has been uniquely designed to take care of new moms, while those moms take care of their babies.

And all that is left to say about that is: It’s about time.

Your friends at Glow

(Download the updated <a href="">Nurture</a> today at the App Store, and on Friday at Google Play for android devices. )