Need Advice! (Possible TMI)

Abby • Loving the life growing inside of me! Can't wait to finally meet him!
I had an appointment two days ago and everything was perfect. I came home and moved my furniture around. (Pushed everything, didn't lift anything heavy) well today I have had terrible back pain. I was just thinking maybe I pulled a muscle. Well then my stomach started cramping and then I was getting sharp pains (possibly round ligament). So I tried taking a warm bath and just relaxing, didn't help at all. So I decided to bring out the heating pad and take some tylenol. That helped, I was finally able to move without wanting to cry. Well I went to bed and my dh accidently plopped down on my, I guess he didn't realize where exactly I was. Well now the pain is back in full force. And to top it of I went to the bathroom and my urine had a pinkish tint to it and when I wiped there was a tiny (pin sized) drop of blood. So I told my dh and he said I was fine that I just had a check up and nothing is wrong. What do all of you ladies think? I am 21 weeks and I can still feel my son moving around and kicking me. I'm just worried. Thank you!