Bra Sizes

Angela • Married 10-11-12! TTC since 11/2013. IVF #1 - 06/2016, miscarried 7/2016. IVF #2 - 08/2017, miscarried 10/2017. FET #1 - 04/2018
My DH caved when he saw me adjusting my bra, yet again. I wear a 36D bra. At least, I use to. My DH went into his man cave and brought out a beautiful bra he bought me in size 34DDD!! He said it wasn't wrapped because he knew there would be a point he'd see me messing with my current one, and want to make me happy!
A few weeks ago I was fed up with always popping out and how u comfy all my bras made me feel. I went online and found a site where I answered a ton of questions to find out my "perfect size". Apparently I left the results on computer & he saw.
It is crazy amazing how it feels compared to what I was wearing. I highly recommend doing this ladies! We need all the support we can get! ??