"Not a job"

So DH and I have been TTC for 6 months... He complains that he doesn't want to make sex "like a job" so I've backed off on the whole texting him "good days", and only trying to initiate sex right around ovulation and now I try to just entice him whenever with cute new underwear, playful texts, and flirty banter... They other night I decided to text him a pic of my new bra, he apparently didn't see it, so after a few mins with no response I put on my regular pjs and headed downstairs, when he finally looked at his phone he goes "why you always trying to seduce me?" And laughs, I told him because I thought it was fun, he asked if it was "baby making time" and I said no (he was away when I ovulated), so his response was "well in that case I'm too tired" WTH!? I'm so frustrated and feel like I won't ever get pregnant simply because we don't have enough sex