Can I get you opinion?

I've been ttc for a while now, so every symptom, I get too excited and then disappointed when I get a negative pregnancy test, but this time it feels different.
I've noticed several things that have been happening in the last week or so, and would like to know what you think...
First I noticed a tiny bit of blood when wiping one day, and noticed a lot of very thick, creamy like  CM. It was just barely any blood, just enough to notice, and a rust color. It continued just like that for a few more times that I went to the bathroom, then I didn't notice anymore. 
I have also noticed that my breasts seem larger lately. My man has also commented that they look larger lately, and they started to be a little sore today. 
The beginning of this week my man was sick, throwing up and all. I got the same thing a day later, but felt much better the next day. Now I am getting diarrhea several times through out the day and have felt very nauseas at completely random times. For example today I was walking into work today feeling great, and as soon as I sit down at my computer I get hot and nauseas, feeling like I was going to vomit. I sat still for about 5 min and I felt fine. 
I know about morning sickness, and have read that diarrhea can be an early sign of pregnancy. I have also been getting random bursts of hiccups, keeping me from keeping a normal conversation throughout the day. I have also heard that some people have had this as an early sign as well. 
This could all be just me looking things up that I'm experiencing and getting excited, but I would like to get your opinion... Has anyone experienced any of this. I don't start my period for another 9 days.