What I did The cycle I got pregnant

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Sooo I just found out that I'm pregnant! And I thought I'd share my journey. I got pregnant last year around the end of January. But sadly we lost that little baby. We have been trying since we lost the baby but my husband works out of town and is only home for two weeks at a time. So we always just missed ovulation. I prayed every single day that God would help us conceive. Last month I got the news that my husband's job schedule is changing. He got promoted! this month he was Home for ovulation and we baby danced like crazy! I charted took prenatals and laid in bed for 10 minutes after every "baby dance". God answered our prayer. Below are the symptoms they had each month I thought I might be pregnant. Along with my symptoms from last pregnancy and this pregnancy! Hope this helps anybody on their journey ✨
~Symptoms last pregnancy~
January cycle 
Heightened sense of smell at 51/2weeks
Sore boobs toward armpits
Sore back
Itchy burning nipples
Soooo tired 
Bloobs grew a size1/2
Acid reflux
Morning sickness at 6 weeks
Food aversions
Had to eat every couple of hours to keep from getting sick I think I had diarrhea early pregnancy but can't remember. 
Cycle for September (was off on ovulation by a lot) I ovulate earlier.
Cycle day 25-very emotional, canker sore,twinges, boobs a tad itchy, boobs maybe a tad fuller, indigestion, pink spotting, peeing a lot
Cycle day 26- period started? Early so I though. pretty heavy dark red blood. Bad cramps and nausea. Threw up in the morning. crazy hungry that night. Backache, leg ache, peeing a lot
Cycle day 27- normal period flow? Sooo so hungry, soo tired eyelids feel 10 lbs. light cramps/twinges. Bloated. Light back ache
Normal period.
Cycle October 
Don't know dpo
6 days before period is due
Very emotional 
felt nauseous after a beer and a glass of wine, 
breaking out, 
super bloated, 
twinges in boobs
Verrrry emotional
Sicky tummy feeling
Woke up pretty hungry feeling 3 days before period 
Knee cramp (like I get the day of Af)
Period came. For 2 days and 2 days spotting 
Sore boobs ish
Threw up after two shots 11/15
Neg. test
Cycle November 
Ovulated nov 18th 19th or 20th
Had sex the 14th 
4dpo?? - woke up so nauseous even gagged
5dpo- baad pimples kinda feel dizzy when I get up
6dpo- tinsy bit of acid reflux, 
7dpo- twinges/pinching cramps, very vivid dreams, kinda got a stuffy nose
8dpo- tiny spot when I checked cp once in morning once in night(never happens)
9-12dpo nothing much sharp gas pains 
12dpo (cd22) diarrhea but also constipated   sore left boob(achey and also to the touch) feeling soo full after eating like I'm going to burst. Haven't really been that hungry.
13dpo- af/gas like gramps. Really bad gas(awful smelling). diarrhea
14dpo- no symptoms bfn no AF yet
15dpo- stinky gas, diarrhea  cm is pretty wet(tmi)Cervical position is high soft and closed. Feeling tired and hot. Twinges in uterus. Have to pee pretty often. No AF and bfn
16dpo- AF has arrived :(
Cycle December 
Had sex 5 times
in my fertile window.
Ovulated cd 12
3dpo- diarrhea. burning nipples like my last pregnancy when I wear no bra and my shirt rubs on then. Itchy down there maybe a yeast infection
4dpo- thick white creamy cm. still itchy.
5dpo- still itchy
6dpo- vomiting and diarrhea (maybe the flu) exhausted, bloated.
7dpo- craving spicy wings at 2am? bloated and tired.
8dpo- nothing noticble
9dpo- extremely bloated, bad gas(bad smelling) thick creamy cm. 
10dpo- slightly crampy and feeling yucky. Super tired Took hpt and swear I saw the faintest second line!
11dpo- a couple more faint lines but darker on internet cheapies with fmu. Nauseous and hungry at the same time. Dry heaving. Swollen breasts. BFP!! On first response that night!