Should i get pregnant even tho i live in a semi truck?

Samantha • TTC my rainbow baby. Lost my Zackery 3 years ago. Infertility problems, hoping GLOW helps.
My fiance and I have been together a few years now. In am 25, he is 23. I have some fertility issues and would like to get pregnant while I still may be able to, but currently we have been over the road truck driving for 9 months. When he hits His year he wants a local job anywhere in the USA. Just as long as were not living in a truck. Should I get pregnant now or put a pause to it. We have been unprotected 2 years and still not pregnant. In just recently got on glow to actively try now. I just don't know if we should wing it and if I get pregnant before his year is up have him put me in an apartment or stay with family or should I wait until he can be with me.

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