Crap my husband says

Lindsay • 3 miscarriage, no babies yet. Pregnant and due 9/23/15. Praying for my rainbow.
Has you husband said anything pregnancy related that just makes you shake your head?
Today I left my first 3+ pregnancy test on the counter.  When he came home for work he started yelling for me.  I went into the bathroom he is holding it and goes-  I don't thing I can handle triplets.  Lol!  I had to explain that it meant 3+ weeks from ovulation and not how many babies!  
Although we conceived naturally we did go through 6 rounds of fertility so I guess he still had the chance of mega multiples on his mind.  I am still cracking up inside!  If I felt better I would have strung him a long for a while!
What has your hubby, bf, so said that just has you shaking your head?