Assaulted or no?

Anna E
A few weeks ago, I invited a guy over. We had been talking for about six or seven months but wasn't dating and had never met in public. He's 12 years older than me and that alone made me nervous. I made it clear to him that my daughter was home and she was running a fever. I told him that I never invite men over with my daughter at home. I also told him months ago that I was celibate. It was to my understanding that we were just going to talk. When he got here, I greeted him with a hug and told him it was nice to finally meet him. We talked for about 30 mins. After that he leaned over and tried to kiss me. I stopped him and scooted over. I got up to go check on my daughter. I came back in and sat on the other end of the couch. He pulled me over and tried that again. I said no he started to kiss me anyway. I push off again and get up to check on my daughter. I hear him shuffling like he was putting his coat on to leave. I walk in the front and tried to sit on the love seat across from the couch. He reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled me on top of him and forcefully kisses me, rougher this time. I struggle my way off of him and land next to him on the couch. My body had a natural reaction while this was happening, just like it happens to a rape victim and the rape is excused because of it. When I landed next to him he puts his hand in my crouch and feels what happened. He forces himself on me I struggle to him off of me. He tries to kiss me, I say stop. He gets angry and says "stop playing and give me a kiss damnit." I get very frightened and he kisses me again. My heart drops to the pit of my stomach.. I couldn't believe this... he is really going to rape me with my daughter right down the hall. He began to tug at the leggings I had on under my night gown and house coat. While doing that my daughter gets up and comes to the front room. She told me she had a sore throat. He gets up very angry because he was interrupted. I told my daughter to give me a min. He puts on his coat and I go to lock my door behind him. He grabs my hand and puts it on his erect crouch and says "we aren't finished with this." He leaves, I slam my door and lock it. I go give my daughter something for her throat, tuck her in, and she goes back to sleep. I go get in my bed and curl up and cry. Was I assaulted and was it my fault? Do I have the right to feel violated?

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