Is it rape if you didn't really try to stop the assault?

I went over to this guys house to chill and he was fingering me and stuff and then he got behind me and said he wanted to finger me from there, so I said okay, next thing I know he stops and I feel something thicker start entering me from behind, I moved away from him and asked what he was doing he said nothing and that he was just rubbing it on my vagina...

I told him not to do it again and we went back to fingering..the next thing I know I feel his penis enter me, it didn't hurt I guess because he was fingering me from before..I felt nothing except it felt like my insides opened. He started pumping and I was reaching back to try and push him away but he didn't stop, then when my back started to hurt I just resorted to telling him "no", but instead he kept asking me if I liked it..and I kept saying "no, stop".

When he finally finished I just laid there and cried, he tried to suck on my nipple and I pushed him away, when he came back I was on the edge of the bed crying and he came and sat beside me and said "sorry". I was so confused. I stayed for maybe 2 hours after to wash up and eat some food and then I told him "since I'm not a virgin, I want to have sex so that I can actually enjoy it" he agreed and we did it again..the first time he did it I did not give my consent, the second time I don't know why I asked him to have sex with me...I don't know if it's considered rape anymore because of the second time...I know it was a stupid decision..I haven't spoken to him since..

I was 18 he was 27...this happened May 30th, 2014.