Angry with my (2nd) doctor

Luna • Baby Elle arrived 9/16/15 😍
Idk if it's because I'm in NYC and Drs are sooooo stretched thin but is it so much to ask for a responsive Dr that cares?? After dealing with this a few weeks ago I switched to a new Dr last week to help monitor progesterone. Went in on Fri for bloodwork and was supposed to get results Monday. Well nearly a week later, after trying so many times to get a hold of her, I got this cryptic email today :
 "Hi luna I'm checking with the office staff to see if we can possibly move your sono up earlier. Blood work looks good, your HCG is increasing appropriately. I'll hopefully be in touch later today."
1) no mention of progesterone 
2) is it bad she wants to move my sono up earlier?
3) she will "hopefully" be in touch later today? What do I do with that? Sit here and hope?
Well it's nearly 5 and haven't heard anything. I'm so tired of this. I think the email although cryptic, is positive. So I'm just trying to make peace with that for now. 😒😒😒😔😔😔