How to wait

you guys need to know the beginning of this. sorry for so much reading! but me and my boyfriend were in a long distance relationship. we knew each other in highschool, but he left for a year bc family problems. when he left we started dating, I dated him because he was moving back! we of course had phone sex, camera sex. now he's back. I wanna pleasure him BUT I want to wait. I'm not a virgin, I had sex with 3 guys before my boyfriend. but he's a virgin. we've been together for a very long time now. I don't want this like any other relationship though, I wanna wait. he's has muscles like crazy, and takes cares of himself perfectly. so it's really hard when temptations always there. but how? he's always in the mood! but so am I. of course I will please him and he will please me, but how can I wait if we're always together? we both agreed on waiting, but it's always so hard too. cause while he was away it made me want him more, now that he's here it makes me want him more than EVER. any advice? thank you in advance. pictures of me and his body so you can understand the temptation!