Cheated on

I was with my bf for almost a year, engaged in October and I just recently kicked him out of the house. =( I was head over heels for this man, thought I was going to have my 'happily ever after'. I come to find out he was cheating on me while I was at work and made plans with these women while I was asleep, while he was in the same bed next to me! He has a daughter from his first marriage who I was very fond of, so when I found out about him, I felt I had to give her my goodbyes. I end up striking a conversation up with her mother who tells me the ins and outs of their marriage and what went wrong and I am just in shock. Floored. Flabbergasted. I had a complete stranger living in my house and sharing a bed with me. If anyone on this is from Jim Wells county,Texas, Brooks County, or even the Rio Grande Valley, up to Corpus Christi as well, you deserve to be warned. Maybe you could avoid the heartache and trouble I got into.