TTC experiment: Who is in?

Gunce • Head of research at Glow. Unwilling infertility expert. 2 kids after 6 IVF treatments.

Let's put this sex "Every Day" vs "Every other day" to the test - shall we? 

Okay. Here is how it works if you choose to participate: 

This cycle - if you were born on an even (Feb, April...) month, try and have sex every single day of your fertile window. (6x total). 

If you were born on an odd month (Jan, March, May...), please have sex every OTHER day of your fertile window.  (3x total) 

At the end of February - I am going to run a poll to see how many people participated and what the outcome was. 

So anyone want to participate. If nothing else, it may make the month go by quicker. 

(All results will be self-reported.)