Modern Day Marriages.

Kimmy • Hi I`m Awesome !
What marriage began as was a lifetime commitment to one person to another, for better or for worse. Needless to say, marriage doesn't mean that to half of the people who marry nowadays. Everyone comes into a relationships with an ideal of what their partner should and shouldn't be, that occurs in every relationship be it intimate or not but at some point what shows your undying love for another is actually putting your needs aside and being there for them regardless of whether their actions are those that you agree with or not , you should be there and work things out. At least see if they're able to change, people are so quick to give up one another if they make a mistake that isn't ideal ( cheating, financial, etc) if you can't actually see yourself being with that person regardless of the mistakes they make and actually forgive and move forward then you shouldn't be married. Modern marriages nowadays are all about finding the perfect ring, dress, venue and juse exchanging an last name... Its ridiculous when divorce becomes the norm because before it was actually something that brought about shame to the couple that were once married. It still should still being shame, because you committed to something and didn't finish.