Need thoughts or ideas ladies!

Amber • 10 years of ttc #1, mc👼🏼on 12/3/18 ttc our 🌈👶🏼
My cycles are usually around 34 days and I'm 5 days late with tons of BFNs. Last night when I had wiped, I saw a few drops of a pink color on the toilet paper. I thought that this was AF coming. This morning I checked again and there was nothing there. I'm about 19/20 DPO and I'm going crazy with this waiting and getting BFNs with no AF. If AF is coming, I just wish she would get here so I can start the process all over again. It would be even better if I were pregnant but since I'm that many DPO with BFNs, it might be that AF is really late this month. Is there a chance that I still might be??