Ugh need to vent

Sarina • <3
So yesterday I was  out with my fiancé   Let me start by saying i am Hispanic my man is black soo we were siting waiting for our food and next to us there was like two black woman (not trying to talk bad about black woman ) before someone start saying that anyways every time I look they were looking at him and talking I was ok w.e when they left they told my fiancé why are you with a light skin woman for ? I was whaat I got so mad my fiancé flipped on them saying its non I their biss I was trying not to get all crazy and stuff but that botherd me so much !!! And that same day one black lady told her friend "um her hair is deff fake " I turn around Idk what hold me back not to start something I am not a little kid to let stuff get to me but ugh lol -_- I don't usually have problems with other race but black woman whyyyyy I don't do anything at all tho again I know their are black wan here not tying to be rude at all just saying I am just so mad