Doctor or wait?

I went to the ER Friday night. They told me I have strep throat and a severe middle ear infection and severe inner ear infection in one ear, and a moderate ear infection in the other. They gave me a shot of antibiotics and and prescription for antibiotics twice a day 500mg. Today my stomach has hurt all day and my skin is aching. I can't get comfortable. My sides are hurting. It's close to where I used to have gallbladder pain before I had it removed on the right side. I'm coughing and sneezing too. My temperature is 98.8, but normally is 95 and has been 96 or 97 since after I left the ER. So it's going up. Should I go in to the dr since I've been taking ibuprofen which could keep it down, or wait until it goes above a certain limit? Just your personal opinion.