Do you feel like your SO listens to you?

I feel like my SO doesn't listen to me.. I'm not talking about asking him to take out the trash, to remember a certain date, or anything small like that. I'm talking about really listening to me.. To my wants or needs or concerns. I feel like anytime we have an argument that he ALWAYS makes me feel like the wrong one. He twists my words around or puts words in my mouth. I'm just tired of it. I'm scared to talk to him or tell him anything that I might have a concern or issue with because it seems like anytime i do it always ends up in an argument. He either shuts down completely or it ends with him getting mad at me and making it my fault. Then he wants to know why I won't talk to him about things like that. I'm not saying I haven't been wrong in some situations, but every single time? He doesn't yell or curse at me or get physical when we argue, it's just that its always my fault or I'm wrong in some sort of way. But anytime I disagree with what he wants or needs, he gets mad.. And forces me into doing whatever it is he wants to do anyway. Idk its just getting old. I feel so alone. Is this normal for most couples when they argue? Or am i really the one to blame all the time? I've tried telling him and talking to him about how I feel.. again he just doesn't listen. :(