Boyfriend thinks I'm a Little?

A bit of background, we have been in a vanilla relationship for 2 years, but i know he is a Dom, and he told me he was at the very start. He agreed to be in a vanilla relationship with me and build up a foundation (trust, communication, etc) before trying to introduce me to any kink. He and I engage in a bit of the sexual aspects of his kink. And, I HAVE considered being a Sub but don't really feel ready just yet.
Recently my boyfriend has made jokes about me being a Little on the inside. I love watching kids shows and. Cute frilly dresses occasionally. I like to describe myself as "cute" and honestly sometimes i do feel more little girl than grown woman. But in reality, I don't really think I am a Sub at all. I am fiercely independent, and I cannot stand the idea of doing as I am told just to please someone. Even him. He is very caring and hasn't tried asking me to do anything I don't want to do. I don't think I could handle that lack of freedom. Can anyone give me a bit of insight on the whole Little lifestyle? I once heard that if you consider being a sub, and look into it, then you are one. What do you think?

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