Second chance


So, last night my boyfriend and I were chilling while watching TV. Everything was fine, he came back from helping his uncle painting his wife's house the color she wants it since she pregnant ; we went to bed around 12a.m. But then our daughter woke up 5 minutes after we shut everything off and went to sleep, she stood up all night crying and crying. I had asked my boyfriend kindly to help me with her and he kept smacking his teeth and all, saying he's tired. Nobody has him out all hours of the night drinking while painting a house... Anyways, we been up til his mom got up for work (still living at home, looking for a place) and I guess she came in since she heard my daughter crying, my boyfriend picked her up and took her to the living room while waiting with his mom for her ride to work. I stood in the room just laying on the bed and I know ew we both were exhausted as hell, but she kept crying and crying, and as soon as I heard my boyfriend yell at out daughter "what the fuck do you want!" I got up so fast and darted into the living room yelling at him that he does not need to talk like that to her, I tried getting her from him but he kept pushing me away and then I guess he gave up pushing me since I was so mad and upset from everything that I began to shed tears.

So I took our daughter into the room, started packing her diaper bag and packibg me some clothes he came in asking why I was packibg and where I was going to go, I told him that I was going to my mom's for awhile that he can have his old lifestyle back instead of realizing we have a baby and all. He just sat on his side of the bed silently, I put my stuff to the side and took a blanket with my kid and left to the living room. I lied out there for awhile falling asleep and that's when he came out and carried us both to the room, he put the baby into her crib and told me to lay down ; I just sat up in the bed for an hour until he asked me to please lay down, so I did. It wasn't until then he tried to share his blanket with me and pull mine away, so i just tossed away his to Cover up with mine and he said "stop, please Cover up with this one" and I heard his voice crack like if he was going to cry. A few minutes later he pulled me to him saying he was sorry for everything and he began to cry and hug me tighter, I felt bad (I'm a empathetic person), and turned around then he began to kids my forehead crying saying he doesn't want to lose me that he loves me so much...

And honestly as some ladies on here had told me to leave him due to the previous posts I've posted, I love him too much to leave him but hours ago before we fell asleep I was So close to my breaking point and fed up. But I felt a change in him and now things seem light around here... I love him and I wish us the best for this second chance